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Better Planning

  • I will take a holistic approach to the big infrastructure projects but concentrate on the cumulative impacts of each, such as the lack of schools, pre-school centres, sporting and community centres, plus the increasingly important issue of traffic flows, bike paths and commuter routes.
  • Big residential developments get supported by governments but traffic impacts on local neighbourhoods get overlooked or played down.
  • Building a new commuter railway station on the existing freight line between South Kingsville and Spotswood to allow commuters living in the Don Smallgoods and Bradmill sites to get to the city and beyond.

Traffic Congestion

  • Our arterial roads are clogged due to decades of poor planning and bickering between the major parties about solutions to the problem. The State Government’s own figures show that, within five years after the Westgate Tunnel is opened in 2022, vehicle movements over the Westgate Bridge will be back to current levels i.e. our major western arterial route will be clogged again. There is no doubt Westlink eventually needs to be built to help relieve some of this pressure.
  • We need a better rail service to offset the rise in vehicle traffic flow. That means more Williamstown trains to ensure a more frequent service for Spotswood, Yarraville and Seddon commuters. And less bypassing of those three stations by Werribee trains after peak hour.
  • I support Melbourne Metro 2 rail service from Wyndham Vale through Newport to Fisherman’s Bend, Southern Cross, Flagstaff and out to Mernda. The planning should start now and the project completed within 10 years to cater for the huge population growth in the Wyndham municipality and give more options for Williamstown, Altona North and Newport commuters.
  • The freight line running through Spotswood and South Kingsville should be moved underground at Brunel and Kernot streets in South Kingsville to ensure better vehicle traffic flow.
  • With Webb Dock likely to expand further south into the bay, that means more containers going to the port. We need to get a rail link to the port to take more trucks off our roads.
  • We need on and off ramps on the western side of Grieve Parade at the Westgate Freeway intersection to allow more options for commuters to get to work in western areas of Melbourne and to take more trucks off Millers Road.
  • We need better connections between the south of the electorate through to northern suburbs. A flyover should be built over the Westgate Freeway to link Kyle Road in Altona North with Cemetery Rd and Geelong Rd in Brooklyn, allowing motorists a “relief valve” in getting out of Altona North, Newport and Williamstown. It will also allow residents of the Bradmill site easier access to schools and shopping centres south of the freeway.

Sporting Facilities

  • For too long, governments have concentrated on big funding on major sports infrastructure projects, such as the MCG, but largely neglected the needs of grassroots suburban or regional centres. If elected to Parliament, I will advocate for more funding to be spent on local sporting facilities. And for big community sports projects, the government should cover half the cost.
  • In line with the above, I will advocate for Government to contribute $9 million to the $18 million price tag for the four-court extension of the regional centre in Altona Meadows. This is a regional centre which not only caters for basketballers and netballers from nearby Williamstown, Altona and Newport, but also Kingsville, Seddon and Yarraville, and suburbs much further away, such as Sunshine and Melton. The recent commitment of $3 million to the centre by the Labor Government was pitiful and did not even cover the cost of a single court. There is no guarantee this extension will go ahead with only a $3 million contribution from the State Government.
  • We need the Williamstown High School’s Pasco Street basketball court to be extended by at least two extra indoor courts to cater for the extra demand for training and playing facilities.
  • All state school extensions which include a half netball/basketball court to double as a school assembly area, should be upgraded to a full court that would be made available to the community at low or zero cost. Half-courts are virtually useless. With urban consolidation, there needs to be a better sharing of school sporting facilities with the local community. For this reason, I support a full basketball/netball court at the Spotswood Primary School.
  • There was a 110 per cent growth in the number of female football teams across Victoria in 2017. But we are running out of football ovals to cater for this rise in demand, along with the natural increase in male teams as urban growth continues. I have been pushing for three ovals at Crofts Reserve in Altona North and a new oval at the Paisley campus of Bayside College. We also need to look at whether more ovals can be built at McIvor Reserve in Yarraville.
  • Competition standard floodlights are essential at existing football grounds to ensure we can cater for the rise in popularity for our national game. I have been advocating for competition grade floodlights for the Spotswood Football Club’s ovals, along with the Fearon Reserve in Williamstown and Crofts Reserve in Altona North.
  • We also need floodlights at the athletics track in Newport Park. This will allow all-year training for athletes.
  • The Labor Government promised last year it would rebuild the clubrooms for the Spotswood Football Club, the Spotswood Cricket Club and the Westgate Golf Club. The project was handballed to the Westgate Tunnel builders, John Holland, who planned to hand over its disused operations buildings after the tunnel was completed in 2022. Not good enough! The Spotswood sporting community should not accept anything less than a purpose-built club facility designed to their specifications to cater for both male and female teams. And it should be built pronto.


  • Coal-fired electricity generation should be phased out as soon as possible. This should be replaced by more renewable energy supplies, such as solar or wind power.
  • I am a big supporter of solar energy and have installed panels on my house. But while the uptake in solar power has risen substantially in recent years, it needs to ramp up even further. Residential solar power systems should be subsidised to ensure they are half cost, along with  storage batteries. The subsidies should also extend to community affordable housing projects.
  • There needs to be a big rise in the feed-in tariff – at least double the current levels – so that solar users get paid a fairer price for their electricity which goes into the grid. That would encourage a more rapid uptake in solar power installations.
  • All state government buildings should be as energy efficient as possible and have rooftop solar panels installed wherever practicable. The government should lead by example.
  • I support installation of off-shore wind turbine systems, plus on-share systems, particularly in remote regions as long as the environment is not unduly compromised.
  • Truck operators should be encouraged to move to biodiesel to ensure cleaner air.
  • There needs to be better air pollution monitoring by the EPA in large industrial estates, such as those in Brooklyn. And laws need to be toughened to allow the EPA to better tackle polluters. Residents should not have to endure foul smells emanating from these sites.
  • Toughening of laws to allow the EPA to better tackle polluters.

Government Waste and Misplaced Priorities

  • The Labor Government paid $1.1 billion to scrap the East West Link proposal. West Link, which links up the Western Ring Road through West Footscray to Melbourne’s north, needs to happen by 2027 because the Government’s own figures show vehicle movements across the Westgate Bridge will again reach today’s unsustainable levels i.e. the bridge will be clogged within five years after the opening of the Westgate Tunnel. Trucks will be doing rat runs through suburban streets.
  • The Labor Government spent $82.3 million removing a level crossing on Kororoit Creek Road in Williamstown that was neither dangerous nor congested .In fact, it ranked 151 in the 2008 Department of Transport list. They removed it purely because it was a quick one to tick off the list for the first 50 promised. Yet they could not find money to build a regional sports facility just down the road on the Mobil land at the intersection with Maddox Road. The Government was asked to commit to this facility but declined. If it had contributed, I am sure the Hobsons Bay City Council would have also provided funding. (insert diagram of HB Sports proposal)
  • Labor fails to take part in a police inquiry into the funding of the Red Shirt Brigade, despite Daniel Andrews making earlier commitments Labor MPs would co-operate.


  • Unlike one candidate who champions funding for public schools but sends her son to a private school on the other side of Melbourne, my children went to local public schools and I am committed to funding for local education facilities.
  • The 2018-19 Budget Capital Works document shows more than half the schools in the marginal Frankston electorate have been promised funding, yet less than a quarter of those in the safe seat of Williamstown are to receive any. Almost all of the Williamstown electorate funding will go to the Footscray Learning Precinct. There should be a more equitable share across more local schools in our electorate.
  • Just think if Labor had not paid out $1.1 billion to scrap the East West Link project, how many of our public schools could have benefitted from these funds.
  • There is no planning for the future by the major parties. With big housing estates at the Don Smallgoods and the former Caltex sites on Blackshaws Road in Altona North, plus the Bradmill site in Yarraville and potentially the container depots next door on Francis Street being eventually converted into housing estates in coming years, there is a need for a another high school in the Yarraville area to service the potential 10,000+ houses in these growth areas. I will advocate for a high school, or a P-12 school, for this area to cater for the inevitable future demand. There would need to be better road links between Altona North and Yarraville through a Kyle Road overpass over the Westgate Freeway plus bike and footpath links as well. Not everyone can afford to send their kids to private schools. (Could use a pic of the Bradmill site here. See attached)