I am calling for an SOS – Save Our Station – to Williamstown residents over plans to bulldoze one of its iconic heritage station buildings.

It is appalling the Level Crossing Removal Authority is thumbing its nose at residents who had overwhelmingly sent a message to the rail authority they wanted to retain both heritage station buildings at the North Williamstown Railway Station.

But instead of working with the community and the Hobsons Bay City Council to retain the buildings, the LXRA has sought heritage advice to justify its plans to demolish the east station building.

The LXRA has been aware of council’s position that it supported the community’s wish to retain both station buildings.

Rather than talk to us about solutions to retain the east railway building at North Williamstown Station, they have gone out to hire heritage consultants to argue their case for why it should be pulled down.

It sends a message to the Williamstown community the LXRA does not give two hoots about heritage.

I understand the heritage consultants told the LXRA the east station building does not meet state significance.

But that does not mean there is no local heritage significance.

There is always an engineering solution to problems such as these and it may involve some extra cost.

But the Government doesn’t need to wipe out a heritage building for cost reasons.

The local community should not be railroaded over this issue.

We don’t need sham consulting from the LXRA.

It has met with the Council at least three times over the Ferguson Street Crossing removal and not once have there been meaningful discussions.

I urge residents to reinforce their messages to the LXRA and the Labor Government.

Let’s Save Our Station.