The pecking order for the renewal of our roads is based on fixing the worst ones first.

Over the years, Council would allocate about $6 million a year to road renewal.

But this year, it has been ramped up to $11.6 million and in 2021-22, the plan is to increase that to $13 million.

While much of the focus in Strand Ward has been around Williamstown and Newport in recent years, more money now needs to be spent in South Kingsville and Spotswood in particular.

If re-elected on October 24, I will be making sure we start by fixing up the southern sections of New Street, Truman Street and Stephenson Street, plus most of Aloha Street over the next four years as a starting point.

New Street carries an inordinate amount of traffic and is in poor condition as evidenced by the big pothole in the middle of the road between Aloha Street and Blackshaws Road.

Hudsons Road in Spotswood is long overdue and also high on the agenda.

But we are waiting on other agencies to carry out underground works first.

I think it is also time to look at Rifle Range Drive in Williamstown.

It’s a wonder people don’t get car sick travelling up an down that street.