Work has now been completed on the new rugby pitches, floodlights and changerooms at the Paisley campus of Bayside College in West Newport.

Hobsons Bay City Council and the State Government both shared in the cost of the redevelopment, about $2.5 million.

It includes a drainage and irrigation system for the pitches and competition grade lights, allowing rugby matches to be played at night.

The grounds also have two cricket pitches for summer use.

The model is a good one for efficient use of land for sporting facilities: a school using it during the week and community clubs on the weekends.

The Powerhouse Rugby Club should be able to relocate to Bayside College next season.

The pitches will be used for about 10 junior teams, including a couple of girls’ sides.

Playing night games allows the club to expand the number of its teams.

The Powerhouse move to the Bayside College Paisley campus will free up two ovals at the nearby Lofts Reserve – where they have been playing for the past few years – for the Williamstown CYMS Football Club to become the new tenants there.

The Williamstown CYMS Football Club is the fastest growing football club in Hobsons Bay.

The CYs now have seven football teams, including a female side, with potential to grow further as interest rises in female participation and junior players come up from the Williamstown Juniors Football Club.

The CYs previously only had a single oval at its Fearon Reserve home nextdoor to the Botanic Gardens for its seven teams, with some home games having to play at Downer Oval in Williamstown or Crofts Reserve in Altona North.