The latest heritage signs have been insnewport-power-2016-168talled, pointing the way towards a greater understanding of the history of Hobsons Bay.

Mayor of Hobsons Bay Cr Peter Hemphill said he was proud to launch the most recent round of signage which takes in streets within Altona, Newport and Altona Meadows.

The idea is that the signs will give a glimpse into the history of the city, showcasing important figures and community members from our past, said Cr Hemphill.

Walking to Sargood Street, the rich history is evident in the Moreton Bay figs, the cypresses and the homestead – but I wonder how many people know who Sargood Street is named after?

Nearby Romawi Street has a particularly interesting etymology. The name comes from a blending of the names of Robert, Mary and William. These were the three names of the children of one of the founding members of the Altona Bay Estate Company.

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