The Level Crossing Removal Project proponents have snubbed the Williamstown community over a sensible design for the Ferguson Street crossing.

The Hobsons Bay City Council adopted a design for the North Williamstown station precinct at its August 11 council meeting, based on the Williamstown community’s aspirations for the area.

Importantly, it included retention of the heritage east station building and access to and from the rail platforms under Ferguson Street.

You can find the design here.

But the LXRP recently told the council the designs would not be adopted, an appalling outcome for our community.

The Labor Government designated the Ferguson Street rail crossing as “one of Victoria’s 50 dangerous and congested level crossings”.

But under the LXRP’s substandard plan for removal, the crossing will remain congested because the rail authority refuses to adopt a practical and sensible design which would virtually eliminate the need for pedestrians to use the traffic lights on Kororoit Creek Rd.

Unless they install traffic lights on the east side of the crossing, the road will still remain dangerous, as commuters will continue to play Russian roulette with traffic trying to get to and from South Williamstown to the station.

And if they install more traffic lights, that only means more congestion, as vehicles will continue to have to stop at the lights every time a train comes through and possibly more often.

Hobsons Bay City Council has estimated the costs of its designs to be about $11 million, which is small fry compared to the $200-odd million the Government is forking out for each level crossing removal.