In early 2018, I was approached by the late Alan Lewer about renewing the old box lacrosse court in Paisley Park, Altona North.

Alan was highly regarded in the lacrosse world and was passionate about reinvigorating the old facility.

He had seen how popular box lacrosse was in the US and in Europe and the magnificent stadiums they built in the northern hemisphere to play the sport.

Alan wanted Paisley Park to become the box lacrosse capital of Australia and talked to me about using secondhand materials to get the court operational again to prove to Council how popular the sport could become so that a better one could be built down the track.

Council was concerned about the risk of injury to players by using the old site but worked with the Altona Lacrosse Club on designing a brand new court.

It will be built between the Altona Lacrosse Club’s building and the new car park servicing the golf club in the reserve.

Construction should begin soon and the project completed by the end of December.

Sadly, Alan passed away in May last year, never to see his dream come true.

It seems to me to that naming the court after Alan would be a fitting tribute but I would be guided by what the local lacrosse community say.