Some of my Priorities

Better Planning

I will take a holistic approach to the big infrastructure projects but concentrate on the cumulative impacts of each.

Traffic Congestion

Our arterial roads are clogged due to decades of poor planning and bickering between the major parties about solutions to the problem.

Sporting Facilities

There is a rising obesity problem among our kids. We need to get them more active and sports is just one way of doing so.

Environmental Issues

Coal-fired electricity generation should be phased out as soon as possible. This should be replaced by more renewable energy supplies, such as solar.

Government Waste

The Labor Government spent $82.3 million removing a level crossing on Kororoit Creek Road in Williamstown that was neither dangerous nor congested.


The 2018-19 Budget Capital Works document shows more than half the schools in the marginal Frankston electorate have been promised funding, yet less than a quarter of those in the safe seat of Williamstown are to receive any.

Why vote for Peter Hemphill?

It’s time to elect someone who has spent 20 years serving the community, knows your issues and has a history of taking solid action. I am there to represent the community, not follow a party line.

It’s time for change and Peter will campaign for the issues that truly matter to the Williamstown electorate. Peter is a hard working representative with 20 years’ experience serving the local community.

He has a history of understanding local issues and taking solid action. As an Independent candidate, he will focus on your needs and not toe a party line.

Want to help Peters Campaign? We have heaps you can do to help!

  • “Peter Hemphill has been a successful leader of our community as an Independent on Hobsons Bay City Council. He is a clear thinker and is fair, reasonable and respectful in engaging with the community. He is a great champion for our community.”

    Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AC
    Altona North doctor and former Australian Medical Association president
  • "I have known Peter for more than 15 years as a friend and as my council representative. We have worked together on a number of community initiatives, such as the Seaworks maritime project and local sporting facilities. That includes efforts to acquire the Mobil land at Maddox Road in Williamstown as a major sporting hub for western Melbourne. Peter works tirelessly for the benefit of his community."

    Ray Horsburgh AM
    AFL Victoria chairman

Latest News

With the State Election for 2018 well and truly over, I want to take the time to thank all my supporters and helpers who have assisted me greatly over the past six weeks when I decided to nominate.

While we didn’t achieve the result we wanted, I am proud of the issues that we campaigned for. I’d like to extend my congratulations to Melissa Horne and wish her all the best for the next four years.

I will remain active in our community, as I am still a councillor on the Hobsons Bay City Council.
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With one day left until the State Election, here are the top 15 things to remember when you cast your vote:

1. Safe seats don’t pay

2. Marginal seats get allocated up to 3 times more funding than Williamstown electorate

3. Only 3 education projects have been allocated funding in our electorate in the current State Budget capital program

4. Yarraville residents have been waiting 19 years for a pedestrian overpass or tunnel at their station

5. Many sports clubs, such as the Yarraville Glory Soccer Club, can’t get funds for much needed upgrades – the State Government should pay at least half the cost of big sports projects

6. Labor didn’t commit to a regional sports centre which ExxonMobil was prepared to gift its land in Williamstown for $1

7. Labor wasted $18.2M to remove the Kororoit Creek Rd level crossing in Williamstown which was never deemed dangerous (ranked 151 in 2008 by the Dept. of Transport)

8. Labor wasted $1.1 billion tearing up the East West Link contract, despite West Link being required to progress to relieve truck and car traffic congestion

9. We need better holistic infrastructure and development planning across the entire electorate – no more piecemeal approach

10. We need on and off ramps on the west side of Grieve Parade at the Westgate Freeway to relieve truck and car traffic congestion at Millers Road

11. Our electorate needs a new P-12 school around Yarraville West / Altona North to cater for the 10,000+ dwellings coming from new residential developments

12. We need solutions to traffic congestion, air pollution and more public transport around Brooklyn, Spotswood, Altona North and South Kingsville

13. We need more trains, more often

14. We need more mental health services

15. We need to reduce the cost of living with sustainable options – 50% subsidies for solar systems and storage batteries, and doubling feed-in tariff for solar energy going into the grid.

Vote for change on Saturday. Vote 1 Peter Hemphill.

#peterhemphill4williamstown #timeforchange #20yearsservingthecommunity #independentchoice
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The countdown to Election Day is well and truly on. Here I am with some of my helpers tonight. A massive thanks to everyone who has assisted - I couldn’t do this without you guys!

#peterhemphill4williamstown #timeforchange #20yearsservingthecommunity #independentchoice
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3 months ago

Peter Hemphill 4 Williamstown

I, along with North Williamstown residents, am a bit puzzled by developments at North Williamstown Station. This sign used to claim that the level crossing at this station was one of Victoria’s 50 most dangerous and congested. It was recently blacked out. Residents want to know why. Is the blackout a sign of Labor’s panic in realising that removing the level crossing and the introduction of sky rail is a liability for the election? Has the Labor candidate called in a favour of her LXRA mates? Residents still don’t know why the design plan for this crossing was delayed until after the election. There is so much secrecy and zero transparency around this project!

Election is only two days away and local residents have the right to know what they are voting for on Saturday.

Bottom image: Moreland Rd sign showing the content of North Williamstown sign before it was blacked out.

#timeforchange #20yearsservingthecommunity #independentchoice #peterhemphill4williamstown
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